Rosé Rivoli Pattern by Kelly Dale – Starman’s Trendsetter FREE Pattern



Rosé Rivoli

Designed by Kelly Dale – Author, Designer, Teacher, and Lover of Beads

Create a base of Matubo™ NIB-BITs for a sparkly Czech-glass rivoli to sit upon, then secure the rivoli in place with TOHO® seed beads and firepolish rounds.

Materials Required:

3g TOHO® 11° Rounds
2g TOHO® 15° Rounds
46 Firepolish Rounds, 2mm

9 Rivolis, 12mm
2 Jump Rings
Clasp of Choice
TOHO One-G Thread


Light Pink:

  • Matubo NIB-BIT Matte – Metallic Silver (377-65-K0170)
  • TOHO Rounds 11 ̊ Galvanized Pink Lilac (TR-11-553)
  • TOHO Rounds 15 ̊ Silver-Lined Crystal (TR-15-21)
  • Firepolish Rounds 2mm Matte Milky Pink (1-02-M71010)
  • Matubo Rivoli 12mm Lt Pink Alabaster Rivoli or Swarovski 12mm of your choice


  • Matubo NIB-BIT Metalust – Steel Blue (377-65-24204)
  • TOHO Rounds 11 ̊ Hybrid ColorTrends Metallic – Pale Dogwood (TR-11-YPS0076)
  • TOHO Rounds 15 ̊ PermaFinish – Galvanized Mauve (TR-15-PF556)
  • Firepolish Rounds 2mm Luster – Opaque Bronzed Smoke (1-02-P15780)
  • Matubo Rivoli 12mm Amethyst Rivoli or Swarovski 12mm of your choice

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