Diamond Dance Bracelet by Nicole Vogt – Starman’s Trendsetter Free Pattern



Designed by Nicole Vogt- Passionate Artist Who Uses Beading as Downtime From the Daily Routine.

Make a narrow version of this bracelet with one stripe of CzechMates® Diamonds™, or create two strips and join them with a decorative row of CzechMates® Cabochons.

CzechMates® Diamonds, Color 1 (A) CzechMates® Diamonds, Color 2 (B) CzechMates® Cabochons (C) TOHO 11° Rounds (D) TOHO 11° Demi Rounds (E) Jump Rings, Clasps of Choice, 6lb FireLine


  • 88 – CzechMates Diamonds ColorTrends Saturated Metallic Blooming Dahlia (398-46-05A07)
  • 46 – CzechMates Diamonds Luster – Opaque White (398-46-L0300)
  • 20 – CzechMates Cabochons Luster – Opaque White (396-06-L0300)
  • 3g – TOHO Rounds 11 ̊ Permafinish – Galvanized Aqua Sky (TR-11- PF582)
  • 4 – TOHO Demi Rounds 11 ̊ Transparent-Frosted Crystal (TN-11-1F).

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