Tila Beads – #132FR Light Topaz TR MA




Tila Beads measure 5x5x1.9 mm, and each Miyuki Tila Bead has two parallel 0.8mm holes. Like other Japanese seed beads made by Miyuki, Tila Beads are high-quality and uniform in size and shape, so you can count on their consistency. There are 10 beads per gram so one bag holds approximately 140 beads.

TILA beads

Quarter Tilas are 5mm in length 1.9mm wide and 1.2mm deep.The beads have two holes, each hole is .8mm ID.There are appx. 48 beads per gram.We package them in 2×2 bags and a bag holds appx. 10 grams. There are appx. 48 beads per gram so a bag holds appx. 480 beads.



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