Large Oval 17 Gauge Jump Rings By TierraCast | Pk of 25


  • High Quality
  • Nickel Free Plated Brass
  • Quantity Discounts!
  • Oval Large, 16G  


The jump ring is the base element used to connect bead links in the old world art of linking: The jump ring connects the bead links and bead drops. Use jump rings for versatile and free flowing designs. Be creative and intersperse shapes, textures and sizes within your designs.

The aspect ratio of a round jumpring is used by chainmaille artists to determine which jumprings will work for specific weaves.  To determine the AR of any jumpring divide the inner dimension of the jumpring by the wire diameter.  ID/WD=AR (inner diameter/wire diameter = aspect ratio)

High quality, made in the USA, Nickel Free plated Brass.

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