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Wayfarer Earrings by Penny Dixon: Starman's Trendsetter Pattern

Wayfarer Earrings by Penny Dixon: Starman's Trendsetter Pattern

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We are happy to share these patterns with you free of charge with any purchase from our website. A purchase is required to order and download the patterns.

Limit of 3 patterns per order.

Add the patterns you want to your cart along with your other items, and checkout.

Once your order has been processed, the patterns will be available in your store account. Just click on the link to download and save or print out at home.

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 2 CzechMates® Cabochons (CC)
24 Prong Beads (PB)
 8 Firepolish, 2mm, Color a (FP2a)
 24 Firepolish, 2mm, Color b (FP2b)
 8 Firepolish, 4mm (FP4)
1g TOHO 11° Seed Beads (SB)
 2g TOHO 11° Demi Rounds,
Color a (DRa)
1g TOHO 11° Demi Rounds,
Color b (DRb)
6lb Fireline
1 pair of earwires


Oxidized Bronze:

CzechMates® Cabochon Silver (396-06-27000);
Prong Bead Oxidized Bronze (395-35-15765);
Firepolish 2mm Mirror-Orchid (1-02-K5203);
Turquoise-Bronze Picasso (1-02-BT6313);
Firepolish 4mm Metallic Suede-Pink (1-04-79086);
11º TOHO Seed Beads Nickel (TR-11-711);
11º TOHO Demi Round Nickel (TN-11-711);
11º TOHO Demi Round Gold-Lustered Hydrangea (TN-11-206).


CzechMates® Cabochon Saturated Metallic Riverside (396-06-77050);
Prong Bead Saturated Metallic Riverside (395-35-77050);
Firepolish 2mm Sueded Gold Jonquil (1-02-MSG8010);
Sueded Gold Med Amethyst (1-02-MSG2004);
Firepolish 4mm Luster-Transparent Amethyst (1-04-15726);
11º TOHO Seed Beads Metallic-Lapis Blue (TR-11-YPS0084);
11º TOHO Demi Round Nickel (TN-11-711);
11º TOHO Demi Round PermaFinish-Galvanized Aluminum (TN-11-PF558).


CzechMates® Cabochon Matte-Metallic Bronze Copper (396-06-KO178);
Prong Bead Pacifica–Fig (395-35-PS1008);
Firepolish 2mm Copper Penny (1-02-275);
Sueded Gold Rosaline (1-02-MSG7010);
Firepolish 4mm Halo–Azurite (1-04-29266);
11º TOHO Seed Beads Metallic–Island Paradise (TR-11-YPS0079);
11º TOHO Demi Round Matte–Color Iris–Teal (TN-11-706);
11º TOHO Demi Round DK Bronze (TN-11-222).

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