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Ginkgo Leaf Wreath Necklace by I. Suchmannova: Trendsetter Free Pattern

Ginkgo Leaf Wreath Necklace by I. Suchmannova: Trendsetter Free Pattern
Ginkgo Leaf Wreath

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Designed by Ivona Šuchmannová - Czech and Slovak Designer with a Love of Botany and Geometry

This intermediate two-layered donut-shaped component makes a great pendant and uses Matubo™ Ginkgo Leaf Beads, Starman pinch beads, and TOHO® seed beads.


18 Ginkgo Leaf Beads
9 Starman Pinch Beads, 5 x 3mm
9 TOHO® 8° Rounds
1g TOHO® 11° Rounds
1g TOHO® 15° Rounds, Color 1
1g TOHO® 15° Rounds, Color 2
TOHO® One-G Thread



Matubo Ginkgo Leaf Beads Matte - Metallic Flax (PB399-87-K0171)
Pinch Beads Matte - Metallic Flax (2-53-K0171)
TOHO Rounds 8˚ Matte-Color Dk Copper (8-702-T)
TOHO Rounds 11˚ Opaque-Frosted Jet (11-49F-T)
TOHO Rounds 15˚ Opaque Jet (15-49-T)
TOHO Rounds 15˚ Dk Bronze (15-222-T)


Matubo Ginkgo Leaf Beads Luster - Metallic Amethyst Chalk (PB399-87-LE03000)
Pinch Beads Jet (2-53-2398)
TOHO Rounds 8˚ Silver-Lined Milky Amethyst (This color has been discontinued) We suggest PermaFinish Milky Amethyst Transparent Silver-Lined
TOHO Rounds 11˚ Transparent-Lustered Sugar Plum (11-136-T)
TOHO Rounds 15˚ Bronze (15-221-T)
TOHO Rounds 15˚ Matte-Color Opaque Gray (15-611-T)

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