Trendsetter Free Patterns

This lovely selection of patterns has been introduced by Starman Inc. a major importer of Toho Seed Beads and Czech glass beads. The patterns are the creations of the Trendsetters that design for Starman. They are meant to inspire and encourage the use of CzechMates, Starman’s Two-Holed Beads that are available on our site.

CzechMates Two-Holed Bricks
CzechMates Two-Holed Daggers
CzechMates Two-Holed Tiles or Flat Squares
CzechMates Two-Holed Triangles
CzechMates Two-Holed Lentils
CzechMates Two-Holed Bars
CzechMates QuadraTiles
CzechMates QuadraLentils
To see them all click here: CzechMates

In addition some of the patterns use Superduos, and of course, the seed beads recommended are Tohos!

We are happy to give them to you free of change with a few rules:

Patterns are Free with any minimum $15.00 order
A MAXIMUM of three pre order.


We will print out and send up to 3 patterns per order.
We are required to send them out in orders, not electronically.
Orders must meet minimum $15.00 requirements.
If you order patterns without placing an order we will not be able to honor it.
If you order more than 3 patterns in any one order we will send the first three.

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